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Through federal grant funding, The Medi, Inc engages in a coordinated outreach effort to improve our target population’s vaccine confidence, support ongoing local prevention efforts, and problem solve the barriers associated with vaccine hesitancy and vaccine uptake. The priority of this effort is vaccinations, additionally, we will continue to reinforce COVID testing, contact tracing/containment, and mitigation of the spread of the virus.

Our scope includes the following states: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Within those states and DC, our target population includes underserved, minorities (Black/African Americans; Native Americans as examples) who reside in vaccine-hesitant communities.

We provide culturally sensitive educational resources to improve vaccine health literacy, overcome vaccine hesitancy, address barriers to COVID testing, provide information and support to individuals completing vaccinations and/or boosters in those who are vaccine-hesitant. We support HRSA’s initiatives through collaboration at the local level. This focus is in concert with each of the state’s efforts to address critical barriers in achieving community immunity. Our Community Healthcare Outreach Workers engage in problem-solving to address barriers including limited access to transportation and/or limited access to vaccine sites.


The value of a partnership with DHEC, The Medi and the expanded COVID-19 Task Force is to build upon results to date, and provide support to vulnerable populations to access services, and conduct effective outreach campaigns related to public health or health improvement. The Medi is an unparalleled source of knowledge to close the gaps through this grant award.

The ultimate goal of this partnership is a lasting impact on our community. We are well aware of the inherent needs of the communities we serve, however, our congruent mission focused on Social Determinants of Health provides an additional layer of confidence on what we can and will accomplish together.

The COVID-19 crisis provided a timely opportunity to demonstrate our resiliency and opened doors for a greater collaboration. The Medi is proud to be a founding member of This COVID 19 Task Force. Each of the predominately African American civic and social organizations represented provide support in galvanizing the talents, resources and energy to address the needs thereby extending greater reach in our service.


The Medi’s focus on social determinants of health involves our entire community. Where we live and how we live is a major factor in our health outcomes. It is even more so during this COVID-19 crisis, which according to all forms of media, is disproportionately affecting people of color and those living in lower-income communities.

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