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The current state of COVID-19 vaccines

The current state of COVID-19 vaccines

Medi Mondays The current state of COVID 19 vaccines
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Join local physician Dr. Thaddeus Bell, popular radio host Terry Base, and Garcia Williams, executive director of The Medi, for a #COVID19 conversation on Monday, when Dr. Bell will update us on the current state of COVID-19 vaccines.

​The processes of applications and distribution for COVID vaccines are well on their way to the states to determine how and who will be the recipients. Recommended groups exist, each with a specific order of priority to receive the vaccine.  

With the promise of what a vaccine can do to help us return to a semblance of normalcy, some people are understandably concerned that the speed of both scientific review and vaccine regulation could compromise safety, despite vaccine developers’ and regulators’ assurances to the contrary. In order to build confidence in vaccination, it’s important that regulators, companies, and their research partners keep promises they have made to ensure transparency, publish data, and engage in open discussion about those data as they arrive.

​Dr. Bell has been featured on a number of broadcasts in addition to MEDI MONDAYS, addressing the full spectrum of the impact of COVID-19, from contact tracing and coping with isolation to the importance of maintaining one’s overall health and how to manage emergency medical issues.

​He is a practicing family practice physician in Charleston, a fellow of the American Academy of Family Medicine, and the founder of Closing the Gap in Health Care, Inc. (CGHC), a nonprofit created to decrease health disparities by providing health education for African Americans and other under-served populations. He is also the 2020 recipient of the Harvey Gantt Triumph Award, presented at the 48th Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration.