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Empowering our neighbors to make healthier food choices

Empowering our neighbors to make healthier food choices

Medi Mondays Empowering our neighbors to make
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Join popular WJNI Gospel Radio host Terry Base, Garcia Williams, executive director of The Medi, and

Olivia Myers, RDN, LD, registered dietitian and founder of GroceryRx, for a conversation about the social determinants of health! 

​Empowerment, equity, and education are critical to addressing the social determinants of health. Sometimes well-intentioned charitable food programs cross food emergency thresholds and create unintended outcomes that can increase the gap in our food economy. The Low Country Street Market ensures equity by equally favoring sustainable resources and empowering food equity and choice. 

​Food is indeed medicine, but only when our communities are equipped with the right tools. The right tools include recipes, cooking demos and comprehensive Food Rx programs.

Empowering our neighbors to make healthier food choices starts with achieving food equity across our communities. Having equal access to nutritious food regardless of where you live or what you have in your bank account is important to sustaining our community. Harnessing the power of a community-business model, the Low Country Street Market bridges the gap in our local food system by leveraging high-demand markets to meet high-need markets.  

​Olivia Myers, RDN, LD, is a registered dietitian working with the Low Country Street Grocery as its director of nutrition and community engagement. With a background in professional cooking (especially pastries!), she decided to additionally pursue nutrition with a degree in dietetics from Marshall University and an additional study in eco-gastronomy from the University of New Hampshire. 

Olivia believes that reestablishing a connection to food in all stages of its growth, understanding, preparation, and consumption can help heal us physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

She has served on the Charleston Trident Dietetic Association’s board for two years and is the incoming president-elect. She is currently the emerging dietetic leader for CTDA for 2020-21. She is also part of the Dietitians in Functional and Integrative Medicine Practice Group and continues to expand her work in this realm by pursuing a certification in integrative and functional medicine.  

Olivia is the founder and creator of GroceryRx, and also spearheads policy-level work to expand access to fresh food by those who are most sick by connecting resources to healthcare settings.